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When To Get A Custom Monogram And What To Do With It Once You Have It

When To Get A Custom Monogram And What To Do With It Once You Have It

Why You Need A Monogram

If you have ever used a monogram generator, you know what fun it can be to create your own stylized initials. Establishing a tradition like a signature monogram can go a long way: from cocktail napkins, to bath towels, to anything you might possibly think of in terms of totes, jewelry, silverware, cuff links. But is it really worth the cash outlay to get a custom monogram design for you or should you just go with the 'out of the box' ones available at your embroidery shop?

When To Get One

There are two major checkpoints in life that deserve an amazing monogram. The first is the new baby zone - both before the birth and just after. This is the perfect time to establish a monogram that will travel with little one throughout life. If you create a more "grown up" monogram with your designer, it can be scaled down and then paired with other childhood motifs, like little ducklings, petite flowers or within a ribbon frame. Use this on everything baby - blankies, bubbles, smocks, bath towels. As your little grows, the monogram can scale up in size and the childhood motifs go away (sniff!).

Watercolor Boys Crest by Van Papier



If you are thinking long-term, shop for a downloadable custom monogram file that you can then use at different vendors over time. Most custom embroidery shops are able to use files to create monograms.

 Custom Monogram by Shuler Studio


Weddings are our next big time in life to get a combined monogram. Establishing a new family is so very exciting and a new monogram just makes it seem extra official. The engagement is the perfect time to reach out to your monogram designer - whether you want to gift the monogram to your engaged friends or get one for yourself.

Custom Monogram on champagne by Shuler Studio



Custom Monogram Meg Morrow Design

Gifting A Monogram

A custom monogram makes a lovely gift, but we recommend going the gift card route, especially if your giftee isnt' getting any pre-gift input. Monograms are very personal and should last a lifetime, so it's worth it to get some weigh in!

If you are thinking about monogram gifts or anything personalized gifts for wedding, new baby, baby shower or just a little treat for you, we think a custom monogram is the way to go!