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How To Take The Perfect Profile Photo For Your Silhouette

How To Take The Perfect Profile Photo For Your Silhouette

Getting the perfect profile photo of your child or pet is the first step in helping our artist create a silhouette that looks exactly like your little love bug. Here are a few tips to make it happen:

  • Styled, dry hair is best. Long hair works better in a bun or pony tail. Messy buns are just fine, too!
  • An eye level capture with the camera lens directly to the side of the eye.
  • Only one eye and one cheek should be visible.
  • Don't worry about eyelashes - our artist can add those!
  • The subject should look straight ahead with a relaxed, serious expression and a closed or mostly mouth.
  • The entire head, including the chin should show. 
  • Don't worry about things in the background, including people holding your child or pet. Those are easy to work around!

Pro Tip Toddler Edition: Try doing the photo while your little is still in the car seat. A little screen time on a screen directly in front of them makes the job extra easy!

Pro Tip, Baby Edition: Babies can be laying down and asleep. Just make sure to check the bullet points above. 

If you need to have our artist combine the hair from one photo and the face from another, we can do it!

Phone photos are just fine!