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  • What is the best age for a silhouette?

    We recommend any age, as long as the photo gives a clear side view. From about 6 months old and older are usually the easiest ages.

  • Can your artist combine two photos?


    Absolutely! We know how it can be to photograph a wiggley toddler. If you like the hair on one photo and the face on another, feel free to send both and let us know.

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  • What is the turnaround time?

    Normally you should have your silhouette in 4-6 weeks. During peak times, such as Christmas and Mother's Day we may alert you to extended timelines due to the rush.

  • Can I choose the color of the paper silhouette?

    • Yes! Most of our frame and mat combinations have different paper silhouette colors to choose from. On select combinations, we think a specific color is the one that always looks the best, so we limit your options to one.